CHANCES ARE - PART 1 : http://kuroneko3132.tumblr.com/post/97875117183/chances-are-part-1-chances-are-part-2

CHANCES ARE - PART 2 : you are reading it :)


 Hi everyone! :D

A year ago, I drew a Gerita doujin for a Hetalia Anthology with Aphin123 and forevermedhok and sold them. Now a year had passed and I really, really wish to share this one doujin (my part) to the Hetalia fandom :) 

But of course I thank you very much for those who bought this doujin from us a year ago and support us! :)

I will break this into two parts since there are more than 10 pages. Hope you all enjoy it! :D

Sorry if some of the drawings look bad, coz well, deadline lol XD

Enjoy! :DDD